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Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me! "I'm all for labour-saving devices; I suppose it's because I'm just a lazy laddie. So we've put together this section to save you having to look for What's New  on newest-at-the-top basis. So enjoy with minimum effort  - Wullie" 

* The Royal Regiment of Scotland Calendar 2011 is now available for order, for those interested in The Jocks. There will also be a range of Xmas Cards and 2011 diaries available soon, with all proceeds going to Regimental charities. A long-lasting Christmas gift for anyone with an interest or Regimental connection.

* If you're stuck for gift ideas, we've found a source of possible help. For an original - personalised if you wish - gift with a scottish flavour, how about a wooden quaich made in Perthshire.  The details are all in the Arts and Crafts section of The Mag - or click HERE for immediate access.

* The world is full of doom and gloom, so we've added yet more jokes to help us along

* Quite a few more jokes in the Scottish Jokes & Humour section of The Mag - Click Here

* In his Travels round Scotland, Wullie has been at The Falkirk Wheel - a unique and fascinating feat of engineering - find it on page 2 of the "Travels round Scotland" section

* We have a new section on Scottish Genealogy, where our new team member - Alec MacMillan - will help with general enquiries. Use this link to go to the page. 

* The Kilt Sporran Company  is a Perthshire-based Kilt Accessory company. They make all the goods themselves, and will offer off-the-peg, or specially made to your order. They offer original handmade Scottish traditional items, ideal for gifts for ny occasion. See more about them in the Crafts of Scotland section of FIND IT in Scotland

* A poignant and evocative NEW BOOK by Scots author J P Glynn, about her childhood and upbringing in Bannockburn of the 1950's and '60'S. It's called  "It Wasnae Me". There's an explanation of the book by the author, and some excerpts to whet your appetite.

* There are links thoughout the website - so the new Links Summary Page is - just that. If YOU would like a link to a Scottish-orientated website, contact us at

* We've revised our Privacy Policy to comply with regulations; you can access from the site map in the left panel, and from the button at the foot of each page.


*This quarter was shut, for us. We've been looking at our aims & objectives, and the best ways we can implement these. We've also had to examine the financial aspects and implications of running an ongoing site, with the requirements of travel, research, compilation, editing, and a constant search for more items of interest. Decisions have been made, and the site will continue, more or less as before, but we have made some decisions which we hope will help us to give YOU a better site with a better range and spread across certain areas.  WATCH THESE SPACES...



March started like midwinter; heavy snows, freezing conditions: no' nice. Luckily, these didn't last, and areas of high pressure brought sunshine, warmth, generally good.

 At time of writing, however, the winds are picking up, and the skys are heavy with deep, pewter-hued, fast-scudding messengers from above, ominous with the portents of things to come...

                     What will the weather do next, we wonder? It looks like interesting times ahead.  So to cheer us up, we have...

* More success for reader Mimsi in her search for her family in Scotland; part three of her genealogical digging has taken her to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. Read on, in Readers' Contributions

On display in Stirling Castle are wonderful Tapestry examples of the Hand-Weavers art and craftsmanship, recreated from a series made late 15th/ early 16th centuries. Read all about them, and how they're being woven NOW at the Castle, in  Crafts of Scotland 

* A 5,000-year-old figurine is on display at Stirling Castle. We went to have a look, and the story of "The Orkney Venus" is in the Wee Bits section of The Mag

*NEW section on Scottish Castles and Fortified Buildings

*Article in The Mag on the historically important Scottish Building - Rothesay Castle    The Regimental Capbadge

*Appeal by The Royal Regiment of Scotland Regimental Association. Click here to go directly to that page for details.

* Jokes from a Scot-talk member - also called Nessie  

 What's New? in February 2010

* More in Scottish Jokes & Humour

* Additions to Scottish Surnames & Forenames

* Author Kenneth C Ryeland has a new book out. Called "The Last Bature",  it's the third of his books drawn from personal experience in Africa.  See this and the other books in our Scottish Literature section. 

* some facts about Loch Ness -in Wee Bits - and a link to a website with comprehensive info. about Nessie (the wee monster therein).

* Clan Gunn profile added

* Jedburgh added to Scottish Place Names

* 2000 years old -The Capon Oak Tree - article in Wee Bits

Scot-talk member Candy had the good idea of starting a group to exchange jokes and funny stories in Scot-talk; we liked the concept, and started a new section in The Mag, called Scottish Jokes & Humour. If you have a good scottish joke - add it to The Scottish Wits group in Scot-talk.

 What's New? in January 2010

" A guid New Year tae Ane  an' A',                                              an' mony may ye see..."

For those of you struggling with - or just interested in - Genealogy,  reader MIMSI has added more to her success story in Readers' Contributions

* We've started a section called Scottish Arts to promote new creations by Scots or about Scotland. Read about our first recent publication - The Italian Chapel, by Philip Paris.

* The Italian Chapel is a building in Orkney, with quite a story. So we added this to the Buildings of Scotland section. Click THIS LINK to take you there.

* Highland Enchantment is a captivating romantic novel, set on a remote scottish island by new author Charmian Stewart.  Use this link to find out more.

* Dumbarton; Inverurie added to Scottish Place Names

* Details of a new website offering a number of free services for HM Forces personnel, on the introductory page Scots-at-Arms

Article on The Scottish Crown Jewels in WEE BITS

What's New? in December 2009

* We apologise to our readers for the lack of additional content in December. We will be making up for this in January, with new features and articles.

What's New? in November 2009

* Scottish place names additions.

* A genealogy success story in the Mag - Readers' Contributions

 * New section in the 'Find it...' section - "Eating out in Scotland"

* * * * *

What's New? in October 2009

* A few additions to 'Wee Bits'.

* We've started to take advertising, under the 'Find It...' tab. For those looking to stay in Scotland, try the Hotels & Accommodation section, and for a special gift - Jewellery designed & made in Orkney by Sheila Fleet.

* Article on Clan Rose in the Scottish Names, Clans & Families section

* This page - "~ Latest Articles...~" etc. is added so you won't need to look far for additions to the site.

* Scot-Talk has some new members, and member Candy has started a new group for writers - those who do, those who try, those who'd like to - to talk to one another, offer help, compare notes and, if you feel you'd like to - see your prose (or poetry) in print. If you're interested in writing, take a look at Candy's group in Scot-talk and ask to join.

* Feature on Abernethy in the Scottish Place Names section.

* * * * *

What's New? in September 2009 

* new in Travels round Scotland - Wullie goes to Fife - with a wee slideshow...

*There's a new page for Readers' Contributions, with the first article from the Chieftain of the Java St.Andrew Society in Indonesia, and his slant on Burns' weel-kent "To a Haggis".

That section is for YOU to put yourselves in 'print', to a worldwide readership...

* We've added a page in the Scottish Names section, to cover forenames & surnames not derived from the Clans and Families of Scotland. The first names are in, but there are obviously a lot more to come. IF you have an interest in a Scots name, ask us to publish details...

*a new Scots First in The Mag is the Bumblebee Sanctuary at Vane Farm, near Kinross in Fife...





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