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A light-hearted e-magazine with facts, figures, folklore, photographs; with lots of wee bits  of general info about Scotland - and some big bits. A site for folk to read, browse and, if you like - contribute to.


In WEE BITS, in The Mag., thre's an article on the correct colour of Blue for The Saltire WELCOME to Find it in Scotland. The site's navigation menu Main Headings are down the left-hand panel. Click on these to see what's in each one. Some sections have a LOT in them.
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[ORRALS define as - bits and pieces, odds odds and ends; WHIGMALEERIE - several meanings, e.g. a fantastic, useless ornament; a foolish fancy, a whimsy]


We'll be happy to print any reasonable WEE BITS from our readers  When we decided to set up this website, one of our basic decisions was that the site must be entertaining; we ourselves get awfy fed up with high-powered, sell-at any-cost, bombard-you-with-lots of facts, confuse-the-heck-out-of-you websites which, without trying, and not realising it, have turned into LISTS, and BORING!

  So this magazine section is about things of possible interest; wee bits frae a'wheres. We'll keep adding our "wee bits..." at the top of the list, so the latest whimsies are easy to see.

Our orrals will be in no particular order, but as the muse dictates: some stories, some facts; tales of folk and tales of fancy; bits of prose and bits of poesy; who did what and what was where, and how it was, as weel; history, geography; arts & crafts; lassies, laddies an' wee bittie bairnies...

  "an awfu' soul fur books wus he

an' things aboot The Land;

he kent sae muckle he culd spoot

fur meenits, 'oors, e'en days, aboot

things - dottle-sma' tae Grand." 

( k.p.o. Wullie Lang; "Beuk-lair, and a' the guid it daes" ) 

 If YOU have any tales to tell, or Scots-related "wee bits" we'll use any printable ones with an acknowledgement of the sender - if you elect to allow us to put your name out to the world; this site gets hits from all across the globe, and some pretty exotic places, at that. Just goes to show, we're everywhere.

    So here goes - wi' oor Wee Bits... 

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