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~ Scottish Place Names: abc~

Though these names will be entered in no particular order, or with no particular plan in mind, we will list them alphabetically. So, if you want to look for a particular place, you'll easily be able to check if it's entered.

If not, ask us to put it in.


"Abernethy" means "Mouth of the river Nethy" It's the name of a Highland forest, BUT also of a Perthshire village - with a differing derivation...

...Abernethy Forest is in the Cairngorms National Park, and has Nethy Bridge as the main village in that area - and the river Nethy runs through the area. Nethy Bridge was once called Abernethy - but the name was changed to Nethy Bridge when the Railway came to town, to avoid confusion with another of the same name further south...

HISTORIC SCOTLAND'S PLAQUE WITH THE TOWER'S DETAILS... the Abernethy in Perthshire is on the River Earn where it joins the Tay, close to the Fife border. It's noted for having a 9th century round tower 72feet high - one of only two of its kind in Scotland.

This Abernethy derives from a Pictish King called Nectan - "Obar Nectar" meaning Nectan's work, or stronghold. This Abernethy was once the Capital & place of residence of the Pictish Kings, and the seat of the Bishops of the ABERNETHY TOWER FROM THE VILLAGE SQUAREPictish Kingdom


The Kirk of St. Bride  was dedicated in 457AD (yes, 457 - we haven't missed a thousand). It's the Abernethy and Dron and Arngask Parish Church of Scotland; the Board says so for all to see - but our image is a bit wee to make out the lettering - sorry folks.


 * * *

Abernethy has also become a scottish surname, famous for the invention of the Abernethy Biscuit by Dr John of that ilk, in the 19th century.



Badenoch is the name that was given to the area of Strathspey between Grantown and Kingussie.

The name 'Badenoch' comes from two Gaelic words - 'baithte' (liable to flooding) and 'ach' (land) - hence Badenoch is 'flooded or marshy land'.

Perhaps the most famous of the Sons of Badenoch was Lord Alexander Stewart, the 14th-century warlord for whose cruelty and ruthlessness was named "The Wolf of Badenoch"


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