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 Clan Crest Gunn - courtesy of

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 Clan Gunn is descended from GUNNI, who came to Caithness at the end of the 12th century. His wife Ragnhild inherited estates there from her brother Harald, Jarl of Orkney. Gunni (meaning 'war') was a descendant of Viking adventurers, and his own grandfather - Sweyn - was killed in a raid on Dublin in 1171.

The proper celtic patronymic of the Gunn chiefs is "MacSheumais Chataich", but the first definitively recorded Clan Chief - George Gunn, "Crouner", or Coroner, of Caithness in the 15th century, was more widely known as "Am Braisdeach Mor" (the great brooch-wearer - because of the insignia of his office, worn by him). CLAN GUNN HERITAGE CENTRE & MUSEUM.







The photos above are of the Gunn heritage Centre and Museum, which is housed in the old Parish Church, Latheron. The Church was built in 1734. Latheron (Scottish Gaelic: Latharan) is a small village in Caithness, in the Highland area of Scotland; it's on the east coast, centred on the junction of the A9 with the A99. The village is within the Parish of Latheron.

From being a Clan with considerable land, wealth & power, the Gunn fortunes waned over a number of years; they were in constant conflict with their neighbours, and at one time were fighting for their very existence. Marriage linked the Killearnan Gunns with Clan MacKay, and this helped restore to some extent, their fortunes. (One of the most succesful branches of Clan Gunn was that of the Gunns of Braemore, who descended from Robert, a younger son of Am Braisdeach Mor , and were known as the Robson Gunns. Sir William Gunn, brother of the Robson chieftain, commanded a battalion in the army of the King of Sweden, fought for and was knighted by Charles I of England, then entered the service of the Holy Roman Empire, married a German Baroness, became an Imperial General, and was made a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire in 1649.)

Clan Crest Gunn - courtesy of      The tenth MacSheumais Chataich died in the nineteenth century without leaving an heir. At time of writing, Clan Gunn is led by a Commander appointed under a commission from the Lord Lyon, King of Arms. Petitions have been presented to the Lord Lyon recently which - hopefully - will result in a succesful claimant.

SEPTS include:-Enrick, Galdie, Gallie, Ganson, THE GUNN TARTAN Gauldie,  Gaunson,  Georgeson, Henderson, Inrig, Jameson, Jamieson, Johnson, Kean,Keene,MacComas, MacCorkill, MacCorkle, MacCullie, MacIan, MacKames, MacKeamish, MacKean, Macmains, MacManus, Macomish, MacRob, MacWilliam, Magnus, Main, Mann, Manson, Manus, Neilson, Nelson, Robinson, Robison, Robson, Sandison, Swan, Swann, Swanney, Swanson, Will, Williamson, Wills, Wilson, Wylie, Wyllie.

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