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We - the Scots, that is - tend in the main to have a dryish sense of humour on the East and North, and a broader, more bawdy sense of humour on the West and South. With the usual exceptions to the rules. And we have made up a lot of jokes about our neighbours, near & far.

Same neighbours have, of course, returned the compliment.

One of our Friends and Members of the Scot-talk section thinks it will be a good idea for Global Scots to swap jokes. We think it'll be interesting to see what jokes are in circulation. So Candy has set up a Group called "The Scottish Wits" in the interactive Scot-talk section where you can post your own jokes - but they must have a scottish connection. And with her permission,  we'll add the best to this section.

So, here are a few jokes and funny tales, all with a scottish slant - of one sort, or another. Enjoy!

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* Hamish took his lass for a wee drive on his motorbike. As they werScots aren't mean - just careful wi' oor pennies.e gaun by a hot dog stand she sighed, " My, thae hot dogs smell really nice."  "If ye jist haud on a meenit",said young Hamish with great gallantry. " I'll drive a wee bittie closer so ye can smell them better".

*  Sandy's in the local pub, telling a' his cronies he's to be married.  "It'll be a dressy affair, and I'll be a richt wee brammer in ma best kilt" he tells them.  "What's the tartan?" asked his auld pal Jock. "Ach, " says the bold Sandy - "she'll just wearin' a weddin' dress!"

* Q. How do you disperse an angry Scottish mob?
  A. Nae bother - just take up a collection.

* Murdo's wife Jessie had just brought his son home from the optician, where she had provided the laddie with a new pair of spectacles. When  Murdo heard how much they had cost, he said to Jessie, "Now be sure to take Donald's glasses off when he's not looking at anything."

 * FIRST JOKE IN SCOTTISH JOKES & HUMOURAirchie visited London for his annual holiday and stayed at a big posh hotel. However, he didnae feel that the natives were friendly. "Every morning at 4 o'clock " he told his pal Jimmy,  "they hammered on my bedroom door, on the walls, even on the floor and ceiling. Jings, sometimes they hammered that loud I could hardly hear masel' playing' the pipes."

*Did ye hear about the Scotsman who married a girl with her birthday on February the 29th - so he'd only have to buy her a birthday present every four years?

*A Scotsman and an Englishman are driving head on , at night, on a twisty, dark road. They're both  driving too fast for the conditions, and collide on a sharp bend in the road. To the amazement of both, they are unhurt, though their cars are both write- offs.  In celebration of their luck, each agrees to put aside his national dislike for the other from that  moment on.                                                 

At this point, the Scotsman goes to the boot/ trunk of his car and fetches a 12 year old bottle of The Craitur. He hands the bottle to the surprised Englishman, who in gratitude proclaims,'' may the Scots and the English live together forever, in peace, and harmony.'' The Englishman then tips the bottle and gulps half of the amber nectar down.Another good scottish joke
         Still flabbergasted over the whole thing, he goes to hand the bottle to
 the Scotsman;  '' no thanks"  says Jock -" I'll just wait till the Polis get here."

* Report from an Aberdeen newspaper: "Two taxis collided last night. Three Scots aren't mean - just careful wi' oor pennies.people were seriously injured. The other seventeen escaped with minor injuries."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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