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 The Scots began emigrating to the New World in the early 1600's, This picked up during the British Civil War, with many Scots from both sides being transported to the American Colonies in the mid-1600's. Then, the Jacobite rebellions (1715 and 1745), and the Highland Clearances which came somewhat later, resulted in further numbers of transported Scots.

Large numbers of Scottish emigrants who had gone to Northern Ireland as colonists of the Ulster plantations in the first half of the 16th century also emigrated to America in the early 1700's. These people, referred to as the "Scotch-Irish" were by far the most numerous group of Scottish Colonists to come to America. Between 1715 and 1776 some 250,000 of them arrived, mainly in the Chesapeake Bay region, and settled all along the east coast, particularly in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina and later in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond.

A second wave of Scottish immigration came during the late 1800's and most of these Scots settled in the northeastern U.S. in the larger industrial cities.

There are now many millions of USA citizens with their roots in Scotland, and we welcome the opportunity to further the ties between them, and Scots throughout the world and at home in Bonnie Scotland.


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The Scottish American Society  is an organization for all those of  Scottish descent or for those who have an interest in Scottish culture. We are located in the Akron-Canton   area of Ohio and meet the 2nd Sunday of the month.LOGO OF THE SCOTTISH AMERICAN SOCIETY..

...Among activities that we sponsor are an annual St. Andrews Day dinner, a William McGonagle poetry contest, a Tartan Day dinner, a Beltane Festival in early spring, and we do the Genealogy for the Ohio Scottish Games in June. We are an active group and support ongoing tutorials in Scottish Country Dancing, Gaelic, and Gaelic song, as well as an award winning Highland Dance group.

The Club's motto is "If you tread on us we will give you pain." See the explanation for this motto on the site, under "Club Background" 

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If you are Scottish, of Scottish descent, or you just like kilts and bagpipes, you are invited to join The Scottish Society of Dallas.

We are a general Scottish Society, whose aim is to "share and further Scottish culture" with residents of North Texas.

The Scottish Society of Dallas was organized at the Salado Gathering of the Clans, Salado, TX in 1963. The original name was "Scottish Clans of North Texas, in Dallas, Texas" .Over the years the Society has supported the Dallas Highland Games held at Samuel Park, the International Bazaar at Dallas City Hall, the Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games in Arlington, and the State Fair of Texas.

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The Scottish Society of San Antonio, Texas  

...stimulates, encourages, supports, and sponsors activities leading to the preservation of Scottish customs, traditions, and culture. Membership is open to anyone of Scottish heritage or anyone interested in Scottish heritage who subscribes to the Society's objectives.

LOGO OF THE SCOTTISH SOCIETY OF SAN ANTONIO, TEXASWe maintain a full Calendar of events throughout the year, sponsor free Highland Dancing lessons for children, and publish our monthly newsletter, the Crann Tara, mailed to all members.

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