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In WEE BITS, in The Mag., thre's an article on the correct colour of Blue for The Saltire WELCOME to Find it in Scotland. The site's navigation menu Main Headings are down the left-hand panel. Click on these to see what's in each one. Some sections have a LOT in them.
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You can BET that there's someone with a Scottish connection quite close to you. 

PLEASE TELL YOUR FOLKS ABOUT OUR FREE NEWSLETTER  Everyone knows there are MILLIONs of Scots throughout the world; this is a Fact. Trouble is, very often one Scot doesn't know where another is; could be in his or her own neighbourhood, working in the same office block, going to the same ball games to shout for the same teams, taking the kids to the same schools, swimmimg in the same pools. Very often, they'd like to meet more of the folk with Scots Blood in their veins, but don't (too busy, too shy, too ....lots of possible reasons) do anything about it. And as Scots go on vacation worldwide, it could be nice to know where to meet members of your own Clan or Family in strange places, and hear how they live, and what their Scottish Roots are.

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Most often, it's only because of ignorance of the availability of the many Scottish Societies and Associations in most areas of the World; is currently talking to Scottish Groups as far apart as South Africa and South Australia, Illinois and India, Canada and Kuwait, and in most cases, finding that each group will be happy to have direct links with others who have the Blood of their Ancestors in their veins in far-away places, or give a warm welcome to fellow -Scots from their own airt [area, direction]

We'd like to help. Already, our site is having hits from all over; constantly we're being amazed where our brethern have travelled to. So to any and every Scottish Society, Association, Club, Team - whatever, as long as your fides are bona - we will give space to publicise your organisation.

We can do this simply by adding a link to from our website to your website; what we suggest, though, to make it all more user-friendly, is that we give space to a wee article from each of you, to tell the world who you are, and where; and anything you feel you want to tell about you. Please - no more than 120 words; but we will add a logo if you have a transferable jpeg or gif image. And with your help, we'll all be promoting Scotland, and strengthening the ties that bind us, that bit more.

All we ask in return is that you put a link to our website on your website. We have oor ain wee bittie story for this, along the lines of that we would like from you.

(We know that some of you do not have websites. Please don't let this stop you from requesting a mention on finditinscotland. If it will help, we'll publish your script, with details of the person to contact, and your name, address, etc. Just e-mail us with a wee note to explain)

________Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me!  It'll be great to hear frae ye. Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me!________


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