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 Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me! ~ Find it in Scotland~ Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me! 

Hotels and Accommodation

The great advantage of a Hotel is that it's a refuge from home life(George Bernard Shaw - 'You never can tell'  act 2)

  There are literally thousands of providers of Accommodation in Scotland - perhaps tens of thousands. Some are exceptionally good - some are not. Some Hotels are VERY BIGSome come in big imposing edifices, some in small(er) less inspiring buildings The problem for most folk is that, without some form of Some hotels/ guest houses etc. don't show pictures.prior knowledge or recommendation, any choice made can depend very much on the self-supplied description of the particular establishment...

... In other words, they tell you how good they are; you choose whether or not to believe them...

...Which can be a chancy business; I don't know of any advertising which does anything but say how good a place is; I haven't seen an advertisement yet that says something along the lines of " the rooms aren't very big, we're bothered by traffic noise, and the cooking -HOTEL GUEST BOOKS CAN GIVE A CLUE AS TO QUALITY - BUT SOMETIMES WE'RE TOO POLITE TO SAY WHAT WE REALLY THINK, IN CASE THEY CATCH US at best - is only fair. But we're cheap!"  AND if we really don't enjoy the experience - how often do we feel able to say so in the Guest Book: They might see us; They might read it before we make our escape: so very often Guest Books don't give an accurate assessment of the establishment's standards.

* * *

  So, in keeping with our aims and objectives for our wee website, has made a management decision to advertise only those sites that are known to us or recommended by people whose opinions we trust, and of a quality that we would like to have for ourselves.

    This does not mean that all the advertised accommodation will be of high cost; value-for-money is of more importance. We recognise also that what makes one person go "Wow!" might make another go "So what!". We know of hotels who offer fishing rights as one of their attractions; others may offer amenities for shooting; some have facilities for countryside walks, others have in-house gymnasia for the keep-fit enthusiasts. [And some offer nothing other than wonderful food, excellent service, personal pampering - and total relaxation..... aaaaaahhh! ]

  Our website - as we point out in other sections - is new; we will be building up our Find it in Scotland guide as we find businesses that fit our criteria. And as in other sections, we ask that you, the reader, tell us of any that you liked and would recommend, with your reasons. Indeed, tell us also of any you have visited that you felt were not up to your expected standards - and again, why. We will make notes.

And so, to you all - a wish for happy stays, and happy holidays.

A' the best, the team at


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