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 Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me! ~Find it in Scotland~ Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me!  

~ Eating out in Scotland ~


"...But, if ye wish her gratefu' prayer,

  Gie her a Haggis ! "

If your average soul is asked to name but two items of food and drink from Scotland - guess what the VAST majority reply; there's a hint in the image above.

      But Scotland has much,much more that these, of its own style and evolution. We are truly blessed with our own natural produce; game birds like the Partridge, the Pheasant, the Grouse; our Venison living wild in the Highlands, Prime Beef from our famous herds; a host of treasures from our rivers and seas - Trout & Salmon, Crab & Lobster, Langoustines, Oysters, Scallops, and a variety of fresh sea fishes.


And from these treasures has arisen a plethora of Scottish Recipes and Dishes; distinctive, different, some satisfyingly substantial, some light & airy in texture and taste. The proper Scottish Breakfast was enjoyed even by Dr Johnson.

      Here's a list of some - a very few - Scottish Dishes, just for a wee idea of the thing; if you want the recipes, they are all easy to find on The Web...

ARBROATH SMOKIES (there's an article on these in the 'FIND IT...' opening page.                                                 BUTTERSCOTCH (if you have a sweet tooth, this is for you!)
CLAPSHOT (an Orcadian potato and turnip (swede) dish)
CRANACHAN  (soft fruit brose)
CULLEN SKINK  (a fish & tattie soup)
DRUMLANRIG PUDDING (rhubarb & bread based)
FREE KIRK PUDDING (a variety of steamed pudding)
GLESSIE (a traditional scottish toffee)
HOWTOWDIE (Scottish Roast Chicken)
MELTING MOMENTS  (crisp, crunchy biscuits that melt in the mouth)
PARTAN BREE (a Crab & Rice-based soup)
RUMBLEDTHUMPS (a meatless main course that can also be served as a vegetable dish with meat)
SKIRLIE (a form of mealie Pudding, with several uses)
TWEED KETTLE (a method of cooking Salmon)
WHIM WHAM (a quickly- made, delicious trifle)
WHISKY TODDY (one way to keep out the cold, damp Scottish weather)

~ ~ ~

Throughout Scotland, you'll find restaurants offering the Traditional Scottish Dishes; some are excellent - we've been there. Some are adequate, but some are not what we would hope for, that leave visitors to our small but beautifully-formed land with a bad taste in their mouths.

So, in keeping with our website principles, we are looking to tell you of the better-quality establishments, gleaned from our own experiences, and by word-of-mouth from what we believe to be reliable sources. AND we ask YOU to tell us of your own experiences - so that we can pass on the advice to help other readers. We'll again list our findings by geographical area.

 ~ ~ ~

Now, over many years, Scotland has become host to many races; these have brought tastes of their own cultures, and cuisines. And not all of you will want uninterrupted Scottish Fare. So, we are going to THAI FOOD PLATE include any eating-place that meets our criteria. Indeed, our home-based Scottish readers are likely to want to know of quality Chinese, French, Indian, SUSHI Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin-American, Pakistani, Spanish, Thai... to name but a few... restaurants. And again - PLEASE tell us of good ones, bad ones, different ones - to be passed on for the aid of others. We need, and value, your input.

Good Eating 





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