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In WEE BITS, in The Mag., thre's an article on the correct colour of Blue for The Saltire WELCOME to Find it in Scotland. The site's navigation menu Main Headings are down the left-hand panel. Click on these to see what's in each one. Some sections have a LOT in them.
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 Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me! ~Find it in Scotland~ Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me!


From personalised golfing goods to a Stags-Horn Handled Sgian Dubh. From the very best of Scottish Jewellery to your Clan badges and belt buckles. From a picture of your favourite Scottish team picking up their cup/league winners medals from whichever year to a copy of the local newspaper from the actual day. 

~ ~ In this find it in scotland  section, you'll find lists of suppliers for all manner of goods and services you're likely to need here.   On an ongoing basis, we'll be adding to these, and if you have any suggestions for particular types of suppliers, these will all be considered. These sections will be for what I would term "hard goods" - i.e. things like Car Hire, Restaurants, Scottish Gifts, Entertainments, Books, and so on.  South Queensferry Angling Club presentation of prizes 1979

    WE WILL also, in our Scot-talk  interactive site, offer you the facility to seek missing friends and relatives, or ask for help in finding items perhaps not readily available - like old photographs of specific areas, special types of gifts, out-of-print books. Or ideas for organising special occasions...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

  ...Do you want a special gift, like an engraved Quaich? Do you need some help to think of one? How about a few lines in Scots, for a special occasion? An up-to-date picture of the place where your roots are? - or an old one! A few lines in Scots for a special occasion, a specially written toast in Scots or Gaelic (if you're willing to try it) for any occasion. If you have a special need, let us know; we will help, if we can.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jist a wee thrissle I maun be, but diina' ye daur sit on me!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Quaich with Celtic bandThe Quaich has a rich heritage in Scotland - indeed, this is a uniquely Scottish invention, having no apparent connection to any other European drinking vessel. It's a traditional Scottish drinking vessel to offer a guest a cup of welcome and also as a farewell drink, usually a dram of whisky. Travellers would often carry a quaich with them. They were used for whisky and brandy but larger quaichs were used for ale. (The largest surviving examples hold about 1.5 pints). It's believed that one of its ancestors was the scallop shell, in which drams of whisky were taken in the Highlands and Islands. Like the shells, quaichs were always wide and shallow. The distinctive shape has been fixed now for possibly more than four hundred years.]


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